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Ranked in Top 10 European startups by 'Unicorn Battle,' world's largest start-up contest

The most complete medical software

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OktoDok medical software facilitates the daily work and communication of general practitioners, patients, laboratories, pharmacies and all types of medical professionals.

Find out more about smart waiting rooms, single-click authorisations and paperless reports.

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Investor video
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Streamlined solutions for daily routine

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The OktoDok software helps doctors to simplify their daily tasks without changing their daily routine.

For patients, OktoDok helps them better manage their health by providing things like reminders for doctor's appointments and vaccinations, scheduling checkups and simplifying medication requests.

Medical documents are centralized in the OktoDok patient file. Users can take over the management of patient records for dependents, relatives and non-internet-savvy patients.


There are many reasons to choose OktoDok

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OktoDok simplifies and reduces administrative processes. For example, a doctor can authorize a prescription with just a single click.

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Thanks to well thought-out processes and an extraordinary team, OktoDok is the most affordable provider on the market with the highest level of service at the same time.

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Next-level communication

OktoDok supports communication via chat, messages, telephone, video or on-site.

Patient waiting times are reduced to a minimum through individual communication in the smart waiting room.

Why Us
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Medical assistants love OktoDok

OktoDok simplifies daily processes such as re-filling prescriptions, making appointments and invoicing.
Here is an example of how OktoDok simplifies the issue of a recurring prescription:


Be a part of the vision:
Invest in OktoDok

We are currently looking for further investors.

If you would like to find out more details about the software and our investor packages, please send us a short message to

We will answer all your questions in a personal appointment.

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Large core market

110,000 general practitioners in Germany currently pay an average annual price of $7k for medical software, making it a $770M market.

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Variety of customers

The OktoDok software will be available for patients, pharmacies, all medical specialists, psychologists, physical therapists, and laboratories, making it a multi-billion Dollar market.

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Applicable worldwide

Although no targeted research has been done, it is highly likely that this solution will be applicable to numerous markets worldwide.

Great investment opportunity

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Only 1.5% of market share

With just 1.5% of GP market share and an annual price of $3.5k, OktoDok will take in more than $2,000,000 in pre-tax profit.

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Constant Demand

3.6% of medical practices change owners every year with new doctors wanting modern, simple, tech-driven solutions.

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A unique digital solution

There is currently no digital solution for patients to collect, store and organize their medical files.

Contact Us

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